Trip the light fantastic with the SJCC Dance Department

Annual performance schedule for May


Nubis DeVante, Times Staff

“Move with Me” is the latest production from the SJCC Dance Department. Dances will consist of performances that are student and staff-led.

Update:  Because of the coronavirus shelter-at-home order, this event will be moved to an online platform. We will post details when they become available.


Lights, Curtains, Dance. Time to put on your dancing shoes because the SJCC Dance Department will be having its annual spring dance concert titled “Move with Me.”

“Move With Me” will take place May 7-9 at 8 p.m. in the SJCC theater. Dances will consist of performances that are student and staff-led. Some of the students and staff are prepping endlessly for the big day.

Amber McCall is in charge of the dance concert and has been the instructor for the past 12 years.

The history behind the dance concert started in the Spring of 2009.

“This is my 12th year doing the dance concert. When I first started at San Jose City College, there were no dance programs,” McCall said.

All money from ticket sales goes to the dance department’s fund.

“Ticket sales support production and costumes,” McCall said.

“Move with Me” was inspired by personal narratives.

“You want to grab the audience’s attention to feel like it’s going to represent feeling, emotion,” McCall said.

This show has a variety of different stories to tell. From hip hop to jazz, these dances are personal narratives being told by each of the dancers.

“I want the audience to interpret reaching their goal when I reach my arms out,” said Yaneli Rincon, 19, dance major, who is performing a jazz solo. “I want the audience to feel a sense of hope and keep reaching for whatever they want to accomplish and achieve in life.”

One of the hip hop students who participated in the concert last year, spoke about her experience.

This year we dug deeper into our personal lives as dancers.”

— Cerrina Kim

“This is a personal piece that I deeply relate to,” said Cerrina Kim, 19, graphic design major who is in the hip hop routine. “I wrote a personal story about my past and where it’s gotten me now.”

Kim felt inspired by the different stories of her fellow dancers.

“Hearing all the stories about how the other dancers grew up differently from me made me realize how grateful I am to have my family and friends there for me,” Kim said.

Kim, who also participated in the dance concert last year, said this year’s performance will be different from the last one.

“This year we dug deeper into our personal lives as dancers,” Kim said.

With the dance concert two months away, all dancers are in full preparation.