Scholarships for spring semester still available


Steve Hill, Times Staff

SJECCD Students still have time to apply for scholarships this semester. Visit the links in the article for more information.

Scholarship applications are available to students online on the SJECCD scholarship website until mid-April.

“I applied for scholarships, but all of them were essay-based because they are easy to fill out and complete,” said Carlos Garcia, 18, a business major.

Although there are a lot of different academic scholarship programs, it is not limited to those with high GPAs.

“I’ve never considered applying for scholarships because growing up I didn’t have the best grades,” said Marco Rodrigues, 19, business major. “I didn’t believe my GPA was good enough for a scholarship.”

Scholarships are one way to help students with their fees and tuition. Money given to students is completely free.

“We shouldn’t be judged based on our academic grades,” Rodrigues said. “People might mentally go through some things which could cause them to go and do things differently.”

Scholarship requirements are based on different eligibility criteria other than academic achievements such as nationality, gender and field of study.

“I have five scholarships,” said Destiny Gibson, 21, psychology major. “The scholarships have been awarded because I’m a foster kid.”

Most of the scholarship programs listed below only require a well-written essay.

“There are scholarships out there for everyone,” Gibson said. “You just have to be willing to go look for them.” 

There are scholarships out there for everyone. You just have to be willing to go look for them.

— Destiny Gibson

The San Jose Evergreen Community College District scholarship website offers local scholarships.

“Anyone can attain a scholarship,” Garcia said. “If you really want it, you can go out and find scholarships, but it really depends on you.”

Visit the Career/Transfer Center online for additional information.

There are over 70 scholarships listed at


A selection of scholarships still available:

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship. $500 award for any African American student enrolled at SJCC that plans to pursue a four-year degree. Deadline: April 19
  • Associated Students International Student Scholarship. $500 award to any international students. One male and one female will be granted the reward. Deadline: April 19
  • Asian Pacific American Association Student Scholarship. $500 award to Asian/Pacific Islander students. Deadline: April 19
  • Fresh and Natural Cafe. $500 award to any student who is not eligible to apply for federal financial aid. Deadline: April 19
  • Don Brobst Memorial Scholarship. $200 award open to all students. Deadline: April 19
  • Associated Students Pitone Tautolo Memorial Scholarship. There are four $250 awards for students taking one of the following degrees: Humanities, social science, math, science, business/applied science and language arts. Deadline: April 19
  • Associated Students Chuck Southward Continuing Student Scholarship. $500 award to any student who can prove their participation within their community or activities at SJCC. Deadline: April 19

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