Mothers use CDs, self-help books to teach children

Tucky Howard

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As a parent, you can raise your child any way you want. You can be less active, more productive or just plain lazy unlike, Amy Chau the author of “Tiger Moms.” She expects so much diligence and determination from her children. She expressed her love by having her children getting straight A’s, doing math and spelling drills for hours on end, and with no break on weekends or vacations.

Chau feels she needs to drill and prepare her kids for the future and wants them to be ahead.

That is great to try to keep your children ahead of the curve, but when they can’t have sleep overs, watch television, go on the computer or even play with their friends once a while then where does social networking and academic freedom come in?

Tiger Mom is one of these moms who follow this kind of parenting. Another mom, who is fun, simple, care free, loving and self-expressionate parent is the Dolphin Mom. Dolphin Moms are known as social, friendly and giving.

Moms all over the world try to do their best to teach their kids values and morals. They use different guides, CDs and DVDs and when a new book comes out about techniques for teaching your child values, morals and they will buy it.

Of course my parents were not perfect, and they made mistakes like other parents did for many generations. They tried to be the best parent they can but they did not use books or guides. Todays parents use or think about using guides and self-help books because that is what most 20th century parents do.

Morales, values, discipline and love are all great aspects to teach children but does anybody know what way is the best? No.

There are many things I have learned over my 40 years from my parents ( caring, respect others, understanding, love for all people, being thoughtful and being friends to everyone, non-judgmental and my Lord is my friend).

Also, my own experiences made me into the man I am today without guides or self-help books teaching me what to learn.

Parenting does not have a “golden manual.” If it did, parents in each culture would teach their children by what the book says and not what their parents or grandparents taught them. Being raised or taught what a book says is like being taught what a robot should be taught, data.

Both parents working puts some guilt or worry on them about “Am I teaching my child everything I should?” This is why mothers, fathers and relatives buy instructions on raising a child. I am not saying parents are not doing wrong by buying this material on parenting, but they are still doing all they can to make sure their child is raised correctly.

If you want to buy books like “Tiger Moms,” “Parenting the Wild Child,” Miles McPherson, 2000 or “Parenting with Love and Logic,” Foster Cline, Foster W. Cline and Jim Fray, go for it but just because some techniques are not working right now, that does not mean you should stop using what your mom or dad have taught you.

Learning through your own experiences from the time you were born is one of the best ways to learn about the world, your surroundings and people and books should be only used for back up. buy the books, self-help guides and CDs as resources not as the parent. You are the parent and it is your responsibility to teach and raise your child, but it should be a joy too.

In addition, If you take 100 books, CDs or DVDs, I bet you 95 percent of them would say the same thing.

With love, faith in yourself, your God, what you know and what you have been taught can help you teach him or her.