No need to buy books

Zizly Flores

Students struggle to buy their books and supplies every semester. Thanks to the many new book rental websites, students can finally afford textbooks for their classes by renting them for the term.

These rental books cost hundreds of dollars less than buying them new from bookstores and the publishers.

Most rental websites like and offer free shipping and allow students a couple of weeks to return the books and get a refund.

By renting these textbooks, they can be re-used and not wasted, and cost a lot less than used books on campus bookstores. SJCC has recently started a book rental program and there is no need to wait for the shipping of the books.

Some websites also offer incentives for students who decide to rent with them. gives free merchandise to students who refer others to their services.

Another option that can save students hundreds is getting electronic books. These eBooks are available on many websites and through the book publishers.

These eBooks allow students to read them through a computer or an electronic reader like the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook.
This option saves students a lot of money, in some cases more than a 50 percent savings. It also eliminates the need to carry around heavy books.