“Working” the musical


Jerrald McMillon, Times Staff

San Jose City College theater arts department presented Working the musical on Thursday, May 16, Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19. The show was dedicated to the hard working students at SJCC. Lots of cheers by audience as soon as singing and dancing was performed by SJCC students.

The theater survived a fire, but the cast had to do much to adjust to a new stage. Retsky, a technical leader, work study students and Retsky’s technical theater crew built two sets for this production. The production team was a success!

“It wasn’t just the first musical I worked in but it was also the first college play I ever participated in. I got to meet a lot of people and made connections” said Jesus “El Diablo” Arellano.

“I learned a few tips on how to sing better. Use your diaphragm and not so much the throat. What I learned also is the amount of work people have to put in a play. I guess that why it’s called Working.” said Arellano.

All hair and make was created by SJCC Cosmetology Department, sound designed and engineered by Dante Carballo, costume designer by Dorothy Martinez, lighting and scenic designed by Steve Retsky (Technical Director), music directed and conducted by Jesus Covarrubias and Directed and choreographed by Anita Reyes.

The orchestra team was musical! Bass Guitar/acoustic Guitar by Charlie Montoya, drums by Manny Rivas, piano by Mauricio Rodriguez, acoustic guitar and keyboard conducted by Jesus Cavarrubias.

The crew was deep! Stage manager was Nicholas Sanchez, assistant stage manager was Kimberly sanchez, sound board operator was Rithy Un, Videographer and spot light operator was Abraham Loya, light board operator/master electrician by Joseph Smay (Technical theater 033 student), Deck captain was Gerado Delgado (Technical theater 033 student), Featured Artist’ Brother Tucker’ handed painted canvas was Bella Walsh, Box Office/Usher was Bryan Arroyo and stage crew by Andrew Sutherland.


Jesus “El Diablo” Arellano-Perez

Alberto Zaragoza Avila

Halei Belvail

Joy Bhattacharya

Marilyn Calvario

Grace Candelaria

Danny Castillo

Tami Craven

Erwin Rommel Duantray

Ashly Fahy


Grey Gershom

Jesse Hill

Ruby “Tuesday” King

Ronaldo Larrea

Nora Maldonado

Francisca Orteiza

Kirby Tardos

Elvia Valenzuela Ramirez

Ice Wong