Confluence Art Exhibit debuts at San Jose City

Instructor displays beautiful art with high fire ceramics and bronze

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Confluence Art Exhibit debuts at San Jose City

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April 10 at SJCC art gallery instructor and artist Michelle Gregor showed off her art and sculptures to friends, students and other instructors.

sculpture by Michelle Gregor, Photo by, Zoe Goddard

“The figure, but I think of it in very elemental terms in terms of its shape, its color, its pose. … I don’t really have a concept. It’s really the element of the art.” Gregor says about the concept and inspiration.

The sculptures are all of women in elegant poses. None of the color is too profound, you can see which color is the main point for each sculpture, but it’s still very mute at the same time.

“I fired over 2,000 degrees in ceramics materials.” Gregor said about the coloring.

The runny effect on the sculptures are almost perfect like.

Gregor’s art show ran from March 29 to April 24.





art by Michelle Gregor, photo by, Zoe Goddard

Another piece by Michelle Gregor, photo be, Zoe Goddard