‘Us’ the movie

Which is the true you

Daijunay Turner, Times Staff

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The movie “Us” is definitely worth spending your money on, as it will leave you in suspense and wondering what is going to happen next. This movie is produced by Jordan Peele, who has made the remarkable job in the past on similar suspenseful movies, like his former movie “Get Out” which won a best original screenplay award.

On March 22, 2019 the film “Us “came out and made $ 7.9 million within the fifth day of it being released. The success of Jordan Peele films continuously impacts his viewers and and even bring in new ones. His films allow the viewer to have their mind wander and continuously think about the message his is presenting.

In the film “Us,” Jordan Peele continues use symbolism to keep the viewer intrigued. With the movie showcasing symbolism through bible verses, bunnies and seeing things in thirds. Viewers question and thinking throughout the whole movie in trying to find how they all connect to bring the movie together.

This movie starts off taking place in 1986 with a girl and her family at Santa Cruz beach boardwalk at night. The little girl ends up wandering off and sees the first symbol of the bible, which leads her to a house of mirrors. While in there, she gets scared because she can’t find her way out. While searching for her way out, she sees what she thought was her reflection but was actually a girl that looked exactly like her.

After being frightened by seeing a girl that looked exactly like her, Adelaible Wilson has a hard time communicating to with her parents. The parents try to do things to get Adelaible to communicate, nothing seems to still work.

The movie then fast forwards to where the little girl Adelaible is now a woman, played by Lupita Nyong’o, and has a family of her own is played by Winston Duke, Evan Alex and Shahadi Wright Joseph. The family goes to the house Adelaible grow up in Santa Cruz for their summer vacation. While there she continuously sees things that she saw the night her parents took her to the boardwalk. Making her feel uneasy as if something bad is going to happen on their trip.

Her husband Winston wants to do things with the family and doesn’t seem to understand why Adelaible doesn’t want to go out as she has never talked about the discomfort that Santa Cruz brings her. Until Winston and the kids realize the severity that Santa Cruz has on the family one night when they see a duplicate of themselves just as Adelablie did in the mirror house.

When seeing them Adelablie’s family has no idea what to do as they are frightened by the duplicate family. Wanting to compete to see who is worthy enough to stay alive. This happens with all families across the world, not just Adelablie’s. The duplicate families seems to be channeling other’s physically to see who is to live in the real world. Which forced Adelablie’s family to prove their strength against all of the duplicate family’s but mainly their own to stay alive in the end.

As of April, 29th, “Us” has made $173 million dollars in the US and Canada. Showing that this movie was not just a hit for the week it came out but a movie that had viewers talking after the and creating others to want to go see it.