Deadline for graduation petitions is approaching

Get help from a counselor as soon as possible

Julian Reyes, Times Staff

The deadline for the San Jose City College Certificate Petition is March 15 “. If anybody wanted to do a grad petition they have to see a counselor, and we do the form it’s not some- thing we give out. It’s an internal form not a public form.” Counselor Tuan Ngo said, “Most students don’t realize that they have to apply, you know they have to partition for a de- gree, meaning that you have to apply for a degree, right?”

Ngo later said that it is critical for people to realize that if a student does not apply for the degree, no matter the amount of credits taken, the school will not send them a degree. Knowing the deadline and scheduling an appointment with a counselor are vital to getting the degree.

The deadline for graduation petitions is on the school’s academic calendar. The academic calendar can be found on the school’s website. Ngo said that the deadline for the graduation petitions is always in the beginning of the semester, within the first six weeks.

If you miss the deadline for the graduation petition, you can still talk to a counselor to fill out a petition for next semester, in order to still get the degree. However, these petitions are processed at the end of the semester.

If you miss the deadline to petition this semester, you would not be able to receive your degree for several months.

Sammy Shaiq, 27, a computer science major here at SJCC said he didn’t know what a graduation petition is. Shaiq then said that he is not graduating this year.

Michael Leung, 20, a math major said he is aware of the graduation petition. Leung then said he had just spoken with a counselor the day prior.