How to use and abuse your student email

Zoe Goddard, Times Staff

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Are you a broke college student? Do you want to do fun things but can’t due to the fact that your broke? Well look no further.

Here’s a list of websites that give discounts with student emails. Don’t think you have a student email? Well guess what? You do!

Just go to your MyWeb account and look under ‘Academic Profile’, click on ‘My Profile’ and boom! You should see your student email.

Now that you found it let’s get to the discounts!


-Apple will give students 5% off on most of their products

-Adobe gives up to 60% off to full time students

-Verizon and AT&T will give discounts based on phone plans

-Sprint will allow students to add unlimited data for only $10 a month


-All State, State Farm and Geico will give full time students with B or higher grades a discount from 15-25% off


-Amazon gives students 50% off their Prime membership if you sign up for Student Prime

-Most Cinemark Theaters has student discounts if you show a student ID while buying tickets

-Many Major League Baseball teams give ticket discounts to students

-As well as NHL

-Grey hound gives 20% off if you sign up for the Student Advantage Discount Card

-Get the Student Advantage Card from Choice hotels and you’ll receive 15% off at participating hotels

-FedEx will give 20% off if you show your ID

Think of anything I missed? Go ahead and comment letting us know!