LOVERS’ CORNER How did you spend Valentine’s Day?

Madison McNamara, Times Staff

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Couple of six years: Carrie, 28, and Eric, 28.

The two said it was funny because they have never been asked what they did, and usually they don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day, but this year they did. They told the story of how they rented a cabin up in Ben Lomond and went hiking at the reservoir, which they thought was really pretty and would recommend to anyone wanting to take a scenic trip. “Honestly, I was just happy to have a hot tub all to myself!” -Carrie

Couple of almost a year: Saleem, 24, and Maria, 20

Saleem stated that this was

their first Valentine’s Day as a couple. He said that he is not huge on the idea of Valentine’s Day but wanted to take his girlfriend Maria out to dinner, just to show her she is special to him. He took her out to a restaurant he really likes and had been wanting to take her to.

Jess Gutierrez, 22

Jess said that he and his girl- friend of two months decided to just get take out and stay in for the night.

Couple of three years: Alex Eldridge and Stacy both had work on Valentine’s Day, so they went up to Costanoa KOA, a camp- ground near Davenport beach, over the weekend. They rented a tent bungalow and had dinner at Cascade, a restaurant on the campground.