SJCC Times to take hiatus

Staff shake up and revamp.

Kayne Gallegos, Times Staff

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My name is Kayne Gallegos, and I am the current Editor-in-chief at the SJCC Times. I know it has been a slow semester, readers. I Apologize for that. My tenure as the Editor-in-chief has been less then stellar, especially when it comes to online content.  However, Classes are ending for the winter break, so the Times will not be producing more content until the semester starts up again in spring 2019. There will be staff leaving, and we have been recruiting so we will have people to fill in the ranks and expand. Next semester we will try to be more diligent in updating and adding more content to our social media and online sites. the world is moving on from pure print, and we will try to get with it. Multi media, videos, all of that good stuff is in the works. until then, thanks for sticking by us. Cheers.