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Enrolling in classes is easy. Older students should know how to do this, but incoming freshmen might not.

Visit the website, sjeccd myweb,  https://myweb.sjeccd.edu/

Students sign on with their User ID, which starts as the first two letters of their first and last names, combined with the last 4 numbers of their student ID numbers.

The password is something each student sets themselves.

Once at the Main Screen, there is a blue tab labeled “Student” on the right hand side. Clicking on it takes you to the student page, which you then need to look under the Registration list and click on “Register for Classes.”

If a student has the Register ID, Subject, Course Number or Section Number, he or she can use Express registration.  

The above information can be found on the SJCC website under “Current Students,” “Schedule of Classes,” the “Spring 2019” tab, and finally, “Spring Courses.”

That leads to a list of all the available classes for the semester. It also has times, faculty members and the education units to go along with a brief description of the course.

Once the relevant information is input, a screen pops up with options to register, drop, or go on the waitlist for the specific class.

Choose one of the options and do it.

Students will have to set or update their “Education Goals,” found in a link near the top right of the page. For currentolder students, fees from the previous semester must be paid in order to fully register for classes.


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Some Classes worth a look into are

LASER 100 – Introduction to Photonics  4.00 Units

THEAT 040 – Introduction to Film  3.00 Units

JOURN 032A – Media Production 1  3.00 Units

BROAD 042A – Beginning Radio Production  3.00 Units

ASTRO 010 – Introduction to Astronomy  3.00 Units