New programs and services are available

SJCC partnerships provide vocational networking and additional opportunities for students

Leslie Aguilar, Times Staff

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San Jose City College now offers a variety of new degrees, programs and certifications starting this semester.

Sociology and political science degrees were approved during the 2016-2017 school year, and are now available to students, as well as a patient navigator certificate of achievement.

SJCC has also partnered with Santa Clara County, The Iron Workers and other community agencies to help facilitate job placement for several of the degrees and programs, such as the peer leader certification, which is involved with the county.

Janet Altamirano, a graphic design major, said these programs can help ease the transition from student to worker.

“They (the partnerships) really support students, all these resources help you know the ropes outside of school,” Altamirano said.

For early childhood education, there will be certification programs for associate teacher, inclusion specialist, teacher and master teacher.

“Working together with the community can ensure SJCC students more options for internships, mentor access and a degree or certificates,” wrote Classified Senate President and articulation specialist Julinda LeDee in an email.

Bryan Gutierrez Arroyo, a media arts and printing major, said he supports these new initiatives.

“Exposure to these resources are really helpful. You can’t really find them anywhere else.”

These programs are designed for students to explore new options or to strengthen a particular skill set, said LeDee.

Elizaeth Flores, a Meta Center counselor, said that these improvements are beneficial to students who are unsure about their educational path.

“There is more opportunity, this is definitely something that can open doors for students,” Flores said.

These improvements were made to enhance the student learning experience and provide them with the best tools available to succeed beyond the classroom.

“We have a diverse student population, and the programs reflect the needs and interests of the students,” LeDee wrote. “Student’s success is the first priority and creating more options to benefit the students at SJCC.”