Innovative educational opportunities at the Milpitas Education Center


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A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at San Jose City’s new college’ extension, the Milpitas Education Center Tuesday, Oct. 25.
“Its clear that this facility is an important investment,” SJCC President Byron Breland said. “This is a new facility that will not only provide opportunities to meet their educational goals but to also inspire the next generation.”
Bay Area leader Dave Cortese, President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, presented district leaders with a plaque of accommodation and congratulated
them for investing in a facility meant to give children a heard start to earning college credit while they attend high school.
“People have been talking about this kind collaborative vertical relationship between schools, school districts and the education community but no one really did it till now. Congratulations,” Cortese said. “Thank you for setting an example for the rest of the county. This county is very proud of the work that you’ve done”
The college will be ready to serve students next semester in 2017.