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Brennon Dixson

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Students rush to sign up for classes next semester

Picking classes?! More like life or death decision.

One wrong move and an entire semester could be doomed from the outset. A student’s entire life is built around their school schedule, and one cancelled class or missed waitlist opportunity can have students panicking like the world is coming to an end.

Work, kids and cancelled classes are just a few of the many things students have to worry about when deciding their fate for the coming semester. There are many problems that arise for students and staff during the stressful class registration period.

Admission and Records assistant, Carmen Vazquez, said that some students do not know how to register for a class and often come to Admission and Records looking for help. She said students come to her seeking to sign up for classes without having the proper information to sign up because they refuse to look at the schedule that is posted online.

“They’re supposed to come prepared with the section number, time of class, and teacher,” said Vazquez. “We don’t know what they want so it is hard for us to help.

When it comes to deciding what classes to pick, students are often just as clueless in knowing what to take.

“We like you to take English and Math first,” Umoja and General Counselor Pamela Turner said. Since most classes on campus are level three classes, it makes all the other classes on campus easier if you can read and write at the English 1A level.

“Take Noe Torres for English,” Mac Hung Lo, a psychology major, said. “He is the best teacher on campus,” because of his ability to teach the English language and its fundamentals in an understandable way.

Turner also stressed the importance of an education plan to students.

“Always set up your ed. Plan” Turner said, “because that is your road map to graduation and beyond.

“I completed my ed. Plan and it told me what classes to take from here on out and gave me directions.“ Rebecca Lopez, a math major on campus, said she would recommend a guidance class with Mrs. Santos for people who are seeking direction.

Students are notorious for picking the most fun and easiest teachers on campus, but fun and easy have different definitions depending on each student and it could backfire on students sometimes.

Sean Julian, a business administration major, said recalled a time where he thought a math class was going to be easy but the teaching style did not match his learning style.

“I did not like how it was on us to read to learn the material instead of the teacher teaching us,” Julian said. “If I pay for these classes, I expect to get more than that.”

Julian’s story is a warning to other students who seek the easy teacher. Sometimes the easiest isn’t always the best. That teacher might not be able to keep you interested in the class, which could cause you to receive a lower grade than if you chose a teacher who could hold your attention throughout the semester.

Turner said students should choose instructors that they would be comfortable approaching and interacting with.

Picking classes is a stressful time for all, do not hurt yourself in the future by picking classes now that you will regret later.