Veterans Club sieges opportunity to help former soldiers on campus

Brennon Dixson

The club will host a fundraiser for future campus activities

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You immediately get the vibe that you are welcomed once you enter the small room of the Student Association of Veterans’ office that is tucked away deep in the halls of the Student Center in room SC-215.  After entering and being greeted by everybody in the room, they went back to watching the YouTube video they had been enjoying before.

This is what the Veterans Club seeks to provide to its students; a place to hang out as well as a place that offers academic support services.

“We are trying to embrace the idea of camaraderie,” said Mike Roman, a veteran of the Iraq War in 2000-2004 and president of the club.

Roman said he wants the members of the club to hang out at school as well as outside of school. He said the club has been seeking to push the idea of team building through projects in the community and at school.

One project the club has put together is Eat and Greet on March 26 at The Garret in Campbell from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Students will receive 2 slices of pizza, four hot wings, and a soda with the purchase of a ticket.

Roman said this is a fundraising event for the many campus activities the club hopes to host throughout the semester.

Emphasizing camaraderie and planning events are not the only services the club provides.

The Veterans Club office has computers for students to access and also offers free printing for up to 25 pages a week for the veterans it serves.

The club is open to all veterans at SJCC and as members of the club jokingly said, “We know if you’re faking because we’ll ask what unit you last served in.”

Jason Keel, a veteran from 1990-1994 and a hopeful graduate this semester, emphasized the helpfulness of the Veteran’s Club to the students on campus.

“It has helped me in every facet I needed as a student,” Keel said, “whether that was computers, mentoring or camaraderie.”