Do’s and don’ts for students

Larry Harris

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Dear new student, welcome to San Jose City College. Here are few do’s and don’ts to make your stay a SJCC a successful one.

First thing, and possibly your most important task to ensure your college success, is to purchase a student scheduler/calendar from the campus bookstore to keep track of all of your assignments, due dates and personal life in one convenient place.

You will always know where you stand with this handy “at a glance tool.”

Read your class syllabus thoroughly and make sure you understand your professor’s class expectations.

Don’t overload yourself with classes your first semester. Take the required core classes but factor into your schedule some “light fun” classes as well.

Manage your time well and allow yourself ample time to work on your assignments, particularly in your English courses. Good writing requires rewriting which takes time.

As a member of the college community you are responsible to maintain proper relationships among your fellow students.

Texting is not allowed in class. This practice disrupts the attention of us students who are serious about our course work.

Texting in class is extremely disrespectful to your fellow students and the instructor who has invested a great deal of time preparing materials for class delivery. Many of our professors will mark you down for this ultimate expression of disrespect.

Another sign of disrespect to your fellow students and instructor is being habitually late and disrupting the entire class upon your late entry. This annoyance may result in a grade reduction.

If you are going to be late for class; do not come.

We are a non smoking campus with non-smoking signs posted throughout the grounds. Many of your fellow students are severely annoyed by second hand cigarette smoke and would rather not contract cancer because of your insensitivity to us and your desire to “be cool and belong to the crowd.”

You may smoke in the parking lots away from the campus foot traffic flow.

Loud music or conversation on your cell phone which can be overheard by others is annoying and disrespectful.

Your fellow students are not interested in your personal drama; we have our own life issues to deal with and do not need to carry your foolishness on our shoulders.

As for profanity, if you want to use the “F” word at your Thanksgiving dinner with your grandparents, family and little sister setting around the table, go ahead. When you are in the public square, have respect and sensitivity toward your fellow students.

According to your student handbook, professors have a right to ask you to leave class for using disruptive profanity.

The rules for a successful experience at SJCC are simple and a matter of common sense.