Artists awarded Galaxy tablets

Justin San Diego

Seven students earned prizes for contest entries

The Creative Art Contest received 51 submissions from SJCC students competing to win one of the seven prizes distributed at the reception Monday, Dec. 16, at the Carmen Castellano Fine Arts Gallery.

The first-place winners for photography and fine art each won an 8-inch Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet with 16 GB.

Golandam Tahmooresizadeh, 32, undeclared major was the first-place winner in photography with a photograph titled, “Mood of Day.” Tahmooresizadeh described her art by saying, “It’s a photograph of a man sitting on a couch wearing a hat looking exhausted and worried.”

Tahmooresizadeh said she was shocked when she found out she won to the point that she could not talk.

Robert Quihuis, 27, fine arts major, was the fine art first-place winner. “Current State Perpetuating” was the name of his piece.

“This is a sketch of a demonic figure made with pencil on paper,” Quihuis said. He said this was the first contest he has entered and he was excited to be a part of it.

“I thought there were some great pieces that also deserved to win,” said Quihuis.

The second-place students for both categories won 7-inch tablets with 8 GB. The third-placers each won $50 vouchers which are to be used in the campus’ cafeteria. There was also a people’s choice winner, who received a $100 Best Buy gift card.

Carolann Espino, art major, organizer of the Dia de los Muertos exhibit in October, was among the seven winners..
She submitted four paintings. “I have never been a part of a contest,” said Espino. “I feel that the staff at SJCC made me a better artist.

Espino’s painting “The Scorpion Fish” won her third place. This was an environmental piece about a species that is at risk of extinction, Espino said.

The contest was organized by Director of Activities Andy Nguyen.

Nguyen thanked SJCC’s student-artists, art teachers, Associated Student Government senators, Interim President Dr. Breland, Vice-Mayor Madison Nguyen and Chancellor Dr. Rita Cepeda for their help, support and involvement.
Students had to pay $5 for each artwork they submitted.

SJCC faculty judged the contest and determined the winners.

The Creative Arts Contest honored students’ effort and teachers who have been involved in developing students’ skills.
The contest rewarded students for their art, displayed their art in the gallery and collected $255 from submission fees that will support typhoon victims in the Philippines.