Speak Out: In what ways can the Associated Student Government improve next year?

Mary Carpenter


Gabriel Velasquez

Major: Undecided

Age: 25

There should be an easier way to make suggestions directly toward the ASG. Also make it easier to get in contact with them with ideas.




Sergio Molina

Major: Art

Age: 20

I think there should be changes to the food in the cafe Also fix the TV in the student lounge and just overall changes to the student lounge would be nice.



Heidy Garold

Major: Psychology

Age: 18

If there were more events and better advertising that would be better. I would be able to plan things out and actually be involved on campus.











Carlton Perry

Major: Art

Age: 65

I think the price for food around here is crazy, so lowering that would be nice. I read that some campuses have a lounge area along with a napping area for student who don’t want to sleep in their cars and can nap between classes.



Justin Son Diego

Major: Journalism

Age: 22

Answer: We really don’t promote things well enough, like the free ice cream day. There were no fliers, just someone talking about it. The same thing with no advertising for sports; it’s hard to be involved with no advertising about what’s going on.


Athena Maack

Major: Broadcast Communications

Age: 22

Answer: I want EcoPass! Also there is so much money spent on food days, like when they hand out pizza. What’s going on with the school pool? What about handing out free  scantrons or pencils as opposed to food?