Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Cordell Kintner

Iron Man Cutout Color


Robert Downey Jr. makes another appearance as the eccentric billionaire turned superhero Tony Stark, in the recently released “Iron Man 3.”

“Iron Man 3” takes place after “The Avengers,” showing the aftermath of aliens attacking New York on Stark’s psyche.

The story delves into his mind as he attempts to fight The Mandarin, a new and terrible terrorist intent on teaching the American people a lesson through the use of domestic bombings.

The story arc of “Iron Man 3” is better than that of the second film, but not as good as the first film.

The first film was Iron Man’s origin story, which introduced a new generation to Iron Man, and was nostalgic to those who knew him before the movies.

The second film did not do much to advance the character profile of Stark, as the whole movie was about him trying to fix the problem with his Arc Reactor, which keeps the shrapnel in his chest from reaching his heart.

In the third film, Stark develops a sleeping disorder and has a few panic attacks after entering the wormhole in New York, which shows the viewers that he is just as human as they are.

The humanization of Stark is a leap in the right direction for the superhero, as it helps viewers empathize more with him than before.

As with any “Iron Man” movie, there are plenty of action scenes, though there is plenty of exposition as well. The balance between exposition and action is solid, giving viewers enough information to know what is going on without boring them to death in the process.

There is also a fair amount of humor, mostly in the dialogue, as is typical with “Iron Man” movies. The humor is not that subtle, but Downey Jr.’s skill in acting doesn’t diminish the jokes in any way, delivering punch lines perfectly.

The twist near the end of the film is predictable, and does not leave much room for anything but the climactic showdown. It could have been delivered better. It also did not help that the main villain announced himself to Stark after he knew for the better part of a day, as if it would be a surprise to him and the viewers.

The movie overall was great. The character development for Stark was the best part of the movie, while the action scenes are solid, though predictable, and the story arc leaves something to be desired. “Iron Man 3” gets five out of five stars.