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Students receive debit cards for fall

Leeta-Rose Ballester

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[media-credit id=5 align=”alignnone” width=”400″]Students receive debit cards for fall[/media-credit]
Students receiving financial aid now have the option to access their funds through a debit card that will be mailed to them.

Students must follow the instructions sent with their new card and log on to Once activated, they will have the choice of creating an account with HigherOne or transferring the money to a different bank account.

According to the HigherOne website, students who opt to create an account will be able to use it as a regular debit card, pay bills online, and deposit checks via scan.

Sophia Partida, financial aid specialist, said that students will still have the option of waiting for a check.

“Once students get the card they have the option of activating it. If they don’t, then there is nothing to do,” Partida said.

Partida noted that students who choose to activate the card will get their funds much quicker.

“Students who choose the account will get it as soon as funds are available,” Partida said. “With a check it takes about 21 days.”

Anthony Campos, 25, medical major, said he won’t be using the card.

“I already have a bank account, and if you use it at an ATM you might be charged a fee,” said Campos. “It is a good step to have the option though because some people don’t have a bank account.”

Martha Cazares, 18, social work major, said it was a complicated process to have the funds transferred to another bank.

“You had to give them a routing number and lots of other information,” Cazares said. “I don’t like to have to deal with another company.”

Erica Higgins, 28, business finance major, said she likes the advantages the card offers.

“I have yet to use it, but I think the whole idea of it is really great,” Higgins said. “It is convenient which is what a lot of us students need.”

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Students receive debit cards for fall