Lifetime of guitar

Andy Nguyen

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The atmosphere is very warm, light-hearted and happy. Upon entering professor Bahram Behroozi’s class, students appear excited to begin their music session. Behroozi is greatly admired by his students.

“Professor Behroozi is very dedicated,” said Erick Arambula, a psychology major student. “The professor knows what he’s doing and what he’s talking about.”

At age 12 Behroozi said he was very comfortable playing music. His early playing included the harmonica, the dulcimer, violin and guitar. “Music was one of my great passions from a young age, and I was involved in music and pursued it,” Behroozi said. “At my late age, I’m a teacher at San Jose City College and this has taken me to where I am now.”

Behroozi is Persian, born in Tehran, Iran. He has lent his artistic talent around the world.

“Behroozi is a kind, hard working and dedicated faculty member,” said professor Priscilla Santos, guidance counselor and professor. “As a music professor, he helped me and supports students in need.” Santos thanked Behroozi for many years of wonderful friendship.

Behroozi has been featured as a soloist of classical guitar in many countries, such as France, Italy, Israel and around the United States at concert halls and churches.

“Professor Behroozi is a very knowledgeable person. He does a growth assessment on a weekly basis in order to get good feedback. I highly recommend him as a great instructor,” said Cristina Chambers, a child development student.

Behroozi graduated from San Jose State University with a bachelor of science degree in math in 1968 and a master’s degree in music in 1971. He has taught music appreciation as well as beginning and intermediate classical guitar at SJCC since 1975.

“He is a very patient person, easy to get along with and nice to talk to,” said Jose Torres, a computer networking student.
Behroozi has admired various periods and genres of music ranging from the Renaissance period to the 21st century. “Fernando Sor and Johann Bach are two of my favorite artists.”Behroozi said.

“My greatest moments in music are the success of the students,” Behroozi said. “Some students excel and continue going forward to join a conservatory, concert solo or play in an ensemble. My goal is to retire soon and teach part-time classes.”