Proposition 30 passed

Linh Nguyen

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With the passage of Proposition 30 on Nov. 8, approximately $700,000 will be funded into the San Jose Evergreen Community College District’s budget.

“It is clear that Proposition 30 is aimed at restoring lost access to education,” SJECCD chancellor Rita Cepeda wrote in an email. “The college decision-making process will make the ultimate determinations about which sections, how many classes and issues regarding full-time faculty hiring.”

Proposition 30 is a Sales and Income Tax Increase Initiative led by California Governor Jerry Brown. It increases taxes on earnings over $250,000 for seven years and sale taxes by a quarter of a cent for four years.

Prop 30 was put on the ballot on Nov.6 and passed on Nov. 8 with 53.9 percent of the votes, according to the Secretary of State.

If Prop 30 failed, the SJECCD would have been hurt by a $400,000 cut. The district would have been cut totally from the state funding, solely depending on property taxes and students fees.

President of American Federation of Teachers at SJECCD, David Yancey wrote in an email that the passage of Prop 20 is a very positive development for our adjunct faculty and a tremendous help to our students.

The proposition will become effective on Jan. 1, 2013.

“I believe that the most authentic voice regarding access is the student voice.  I encourage students to become well informed seek out the facts, discuss and analyze the situation…” Cepeda wrote in the email. “Keep in touch, keep the faith and maintain a straight path to your educational goals.”