Is it the fans?

Patrick Loera

It’s the final possession in the fourth quarter. Your team is 40 yards from the end zone.

They are down by five points, and there is only 10 seconds left in the game.

A field goal will not suffice; they need to score a touchdown. The ball is snapped.

The quarterback throws a perfect 15-yard pass to a  receiver in the middle of the field.

He catches the ball in stride with nothing but the end zone in his line of sight.

The defense is on his heels, but he drives forward. He makes it to the 20, the 15, the five, touchdown…then silence.

There are only a handful of fans in the stands, and they are rooting for the opposite team.

When it comes to college sports, the most extreme sounds and emotions come out of fans; and by fans I mean, for the most part, students.

Why shouldn’t the students at San Jose City College and Evergreen Valley College participate in such an opinionated activity that produces such a harmonious sound?

More students should participate, but most don’t.

The world should get to listen to the over exaggerated and slightly inappropriate outbursts of students, friends and family.

This is the superb substance that acts as a crutch between blood and sweat, players and fans   and friends and enemies for the spirit of competition.

It is what courses its way through the veins of student athletes pushing them that extra inch by giving them an added dose of adrenaline that electrifies the body past the competition and into success.

It is strength. It is confidence. It is reassurance. It is the music of victors.

However, it is the fans of college sports that provide the very substance behind this euphonic noise.

We respond in unison for the talent that gives student athletes the privilege to do what some of us only dream of doing.

Without this noise, student athletes compete amongst themselves in closed, silent practices where the stadium or gym is dead.

The electricity is only in the lights, and instinct is reduced to thought.

Student athletes are invigorated and driven to sacrifice their bodies, which are covered in school pride for the breathtaking, electrifying and adrenaline-charged noise that every sports lover, fan and athlete has come to know as “the roar of the crowd.”

So, yes, it is the fans.

Go Jaguars!