A healthy way to start the day

Alexandra Guglielmo

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These pancakes, adapted from the “Betty Crocker Cookbook,” are a wholesome start to the day.

This breakfast does not taste like health food, but Jeff Tibayan, a Youth Nutrition Program Representative with the University of California Cooperative Extension, explained why it is.

The egg, milk and whole wheat flour contain filling protein that sustains energy longer than simple carbohydrates such as white flour and sugary cereals.

A banana’s fiber also contributes to fullness, while its potassium promotes healthy bones.

Dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa can prevent cancer with its antioxidants.

These pancakes are high in fat, but they can be eaten every two or three days without consequence, according to Tibayan.

To cut down the fat content, use fat-free or skim milk, which contains just as much protein as fattier milks. Try using cooking spray (Pam Baking) instead of butter to grease the frying pan.