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Nine Campuses will accept 2013 spring transfers

Olivia Payne

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Community college students who complete their associate degree for transfer will be eligible to transfer to the California State Universities of Channel Islands, Chico, East Bay, Fullerton, Humboldt, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Francisco and Sonoma.

Drastic budget cuts have caused many California State Universities to put a hold on spring 2013 enrollment.

San Jose State University is one of the schools that will not be accepting spring transfers.

The priority application filing period for spring 2013 will be Aug. 1 through Aug. 31, academic advising specialist Carol Vasquez wrote in an email.

California State University, East Bay enrollment counselor Jean Paul Nguyen will be at San Jose City College in the Student Center on May 14 and June 18 to answer any questions for students.

East Bay favors students who are seeking science, engineering and math majors, but is open to accepting any major, Nguyen said.

“We encourage students to apply as soon as possible, so we have time to evaluate their transcripts,” Nguyen said.

Filing periods for East Bay will begin on June 1 and extend through October.  The winter quarter will begin on Jan. 7.

According to the Calstate website, if Gov. Brown’s tax initiative is not passed by the voters in November, CSUs will face more budget cuts.

Approximately $200 million of state support for the CSUs will be cut. Enrollment for 2013-2014 will be cut by 20,000 to 25,000 students.

“We are not able to increase our enrollment, but we are able to maintain our enrollment,” Nguyen said. “Before budget cuts, our student enrollment goal was 17,000.  Now it is 14,000 students. We maintain our number of students so classes do not get cut.”

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  1. Thomas rausch on May 22nd, 2012 10:21 pm

    Which of the nine universities will be accepting spring 2013 admission?
    Please email a reply,

    [email protected]

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Nine Campuses will accept 2013 spring transfers