Bonnie and Clyde: The inattentive boyfriend

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By Bonnie and Clyde/Times Staff

Dear Bonnie and Clyde,

I have a boyfriend that won’t take me any place. When he comes over he just wants to stay home, yet he goes all over with his friends. I don’t know if he is ashamed of me or what. I really love him, and I don’t want to lose him. What can I do?


Undecided Girlfriend



Girl, please! You are telling us that you love this guy and yet here you are complaining about him! If what he is doing upsets you, tell him. You are not going to accomplish anything if you cannot communicate with each other, especially if he is young enough to be a part of today’s generation.

Boys tend to be socially awkward and unaware that what they are doing is both stupid and immature. Basically, he’s clueless.

If this is upsetting you so much, why don’t you break up with him? He does not want to take you out and yet, he goes out with his friends? If you have the patience and you really do love him, wait it out. But it honestly sounds like this guy is not as into you as you think and you need to realize that.

With love,



I don’t believe that your boyfriend is ashamed of you. He probably just does not have as much in common with you as you may think. Try taking an interest in something he does either as a participant or a fan.

If he plays or enjoys watching a sport, you should try it out. You might find that you like it as much as he does. On the other hand you could try to make something you do or watch seem as appealing to him as it is to you. Hope all works out well for you two.