Kirby returns in major fashion

Brian Bertrand

[media-credit id=9 align=”alignnone” width=”400″]Kirby returns in major fashion[/media-credit]
“Kirby’s Return to Dreamland” for the Nintendo Wii is the 12th incarnation of the popular Kirby series.

The game begins with Kirby and his friends, King Dedede, Waddle Dee and the Meta Knight witnessing an alien spaceship crash landing into their home planet, Puff Star. On its way down, the ship loses most of its vital parts along with fuel. Now, it is up to the gang to find everything and help the mysterious alien fix his ship and return home.

This game is definitely great for kids. The colors are vibrant and the characters, heroes and enemies alike, are adorable and still have powers for you to play with. Each power has at least three attacks that you can use against enemies and those hard-to-reach items.

Along with the special moves, super abilities have been added for some extra fun. These massive attacks are reminiscent of the hyper combos that you normally see in Capcom’s fighting games.

All those bells and whistles are nice, but what about Kirby’s normal eating ability? Well, that has also been upgraded so that the little guy can suck up more objects as well as the larger the larger enemies that break into smaller versions of themselves.

The game is great for another Kirby game but it does wear on you quickly. While it’s fun to play, older players will want to go through maybe a couple of levels at a time before changing out to another game. But if you have kids and a Wii, you have one instant babysitter!
There’s something about the Kirby series that just pulls me in. Something about a cute little puff ball eating his enemies and using their powers against them that just works for its genre that engages its fans in a new adventure.

“Kirby’s Return to Dreamland” gets three item boxes out of five. You can get this game for $49.99 at your local Gamestop or video game retailer.