Mathias a woman of art

Andy Nguyen

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Eve Page Mathias has been an art instructor at San Jose City College since 1992.

At the early age of 5, Eve Page Mathias was given a set of painting tools by her father. The tools changed her life when she found out that she was going to be an artist and eventually she became a popular art teacher in our region.

Mathias was born in Long Island, N.Y., of a Native American and German descent, where she began her incredible journey through the world of the arts. Mathias has matriculated through the educational system and she has been an art instructor and a physical education instructor at San Jose City College since 1992.

Mathias will open an exhibition of “Color and Form,” based on the human figure, emphasizing composition and color at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara on Dec. 3 to Feb.12, 2012. This body of work originated as part of her sabbatical work in 2010 until last month. The reception will held on Friday, Dec. 9, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at 1505 Warbuton Ave., across from Santa Clara City Hall. Admission is free.

What’s your motivation and inspiration as an artist?
The beauty of the human form. The art works of Frieda Kahlo (among many others) has greatly influenced me.

When did you start drawing and painting?
I cannot remember when I did not draw. My father gave me a set of oil paints when I was 5.

What education do you have beyond high school?
Bachelor’s degree in history and social studies at Boston University.
Master of arts in painting and drawing at San Jose State University.
Master of fine arts in pictorial art at San Jose State University.
600 hour certificate of Pilates from Cathy Corey Pilates, Inc.

What did you teach when you started teaching at SJCC?
I worked as a full time instructor in the Art Department. I teach all the two dimensional subjects, such as painting.

What would you like your students to learn and achieve from your teaching and guidance?
How to think for themselves as an artist; problem solving.

Do you have a personal favorite painting that you have done?
The painting I am currently working on is always my favorite.

What type of subject matter attracts you, and how would you describe your style?
I always work with the figure. My style usually is representational and surrealistic with very saturated colors. Currently, though, I am just painting large canvases filled with a single figure, with very expensive brush strokes. There is no content, just form and color, which is the title of my upcoming exhibit at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara.

Do you have any words of advice for new students?
You are not done the first time you think you are done.