‘Dancing In The Light’ to feature student performers

Choreographed dances to showcase themes of empowerment


SJCC Dance Department / Contributor

A poster for the dance performance provided by SJCC Dance Department. The performance will take place in the Arts Building, room 206 at 7:30 pm., on Friday and Saturday.

Dance has always been an expression of life for many cultures across the world. Used in celebrations and rituals including religion, marriage, birth, rites of passage, wartime and death.

On November 18 and 19 there will be a celebration of empowerment and joy hosted by the students of the SJCC dance class who are presenting the show ‘Dancing in the Light’.

“It’s a student choreographed show and there will be live group performances as well as a few solo performances,” said show director Carol Abohatab, who has been teaching at SJCC in the dance department since 1998.

The students are presenting a range of styles from modern contemporary ballet to a tap dancing piece.

“The students have put together a beautiful show,” said dance student Briana Viada. “Dancing in the Light’ will be an uplifting show for all.”

The first part of the dance performance will have an array of dancers, including Bianca Aguilar, Nneka Ajoku, Kalista Brand, Angel Cañas, Megan Dake-Merklinghaus, Shadawn Reneé Kawa, Cheryl Pulanco, Anderson Sim and Brianna Vieira.

Many of the acts will feature a student performer who will dance solo to choreographed routines, including a performance by Brand to the song Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy by Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Another act will highlight a tap dancing routine to the Beach Boys song Surfin’ USA.

A duet will feature partners Aguilar and Cañas to the song Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce.

Kawa takes the lead on a number of acts, both as a dancer and choreographer.

Other dances will switch between quick-tempo routines and slower numbers with more emotional undertones.

The performance will be held at the dance studio in the Arts Building, room 206 at 7:30 pm., on Friday and Saturday.

The show is free and open to the public. For more information on the performance visit the SJCC Dance Program page.