Scrappy Parra: rapper, performer and storyteller

A glimpse into the life of a local musician


Photo By Jose Luis Parra (Scrappy Parra) / Contributor

Scrappy Parra is a 34-year-old rapper and Mexican song writer artist.

Jose Luis Parra, who was given the moniker Scrappy Parra by a neighbor, is a 34-year-old rapper and songwriter. Born and raised in Mexico, he makes music dually in English and Spanish.

His songs were featured on the San Jose music podcast DJ Blue Radio the JBlue Show in early 2020.

Scrappy Parra released one of his most prominent songs, “Gotti” on Spotify during the pandemic in February 2021. The accompanying music video has amassed more than 2,500 views on YouTube since its release. The song instrumentally features strong rhythms and a dark piano loop, with lyrics that reference his life growing up in the inner city.

Bryant Mills, 37, a DJ, producer and artist, produced a demo for Scrappy Parra in San Jose in 2020. Mills is also a team collaborator on DJ Blue Radio the JBlue Show.

Mills said through his unique way of storytelling, Scrappy Parra creates work that listeners can feel and deeply empathize with.

Scrappy Parra said that he thinks of himself as a “very hard worker”, and that he has a lot of passion for the art of songwriting.

Chiquita Thomas, a close personal friend, said that she discovered Scrappy Parra by listening to his popular song, “Gotti”.

Scrappy Parra secured a distribution deal for one of his singles in 2020 under “The Hood Crew Records” imprint, an independent record label.

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