Dance students to perform in April

Award-winning jazz performer contributes


Fadia Zeid

Jazz dance students practice for the upcoming dance performance in April.

The San Jose City College dance department will host an on-campus spring performance April 24-30.

Dance instructor and choreographer Carol Abohatab said Wayne Harris, an award-winning solo jazz performer, writer, editor and storyteller, may be willing to help the dance department put something together for the college.

The performance will include the Blues and will be based on real stories that feel dark, gloomy, light or happy.

For the second section, dance performers will present a jazz and old-fashioned dance.

Nine dancers will perform at the concert on campus. Audrey Gaceta, Gisselle Balanzar Alvarado, Angelique Canas and Shadawn Parker are among the performers. All nine dancers will wear full black outfits and black jazz shoes.

Shadawn Parker, one of the dancers, said to everybody who wants to be part of the second performance to share all the good thoughts, storytelling and express feelings created by the dance movement.

Alvarado said the black chairs used in the production were her favorite kind of prop to use in a performance.

Gaceta said that dancing in this performance fills her with joy and makes her feel happy.

The dance program is scheduled from April 24-30, according to the dance department website. The location on campus will be announced at a later date.