Ajuxt Ya Position

Production is exponential. It’s time to end the divisiveness


The destiny, which lies in the hands of mankind, shows no signs of ever losing its vitality. The revolution of thought we intend to bring forth and set in motion is imminent. Education of the masses with emphasis on communication and history should be the single most sought-after achievement we have to look forward to.

Having accomplished this goal, it is up to the billions to realize a world community. The extinction of borders between nations is paramount. All of human consciousness has to be aware of the fact that every man, woman and child, despite separations of distance, color, economic status and religious belief, share this planet we call Earth.

When the day comes, when the idea of “us and them” escapes consideration, it will signal to a time not so far in the future that problems such as poverty, ignorance and apathy will be forever laid to rest. The revolution in education, this academic revolution, will allow power to be distributed fairly for the first time in history.

While all men are created equal, but not all men prosper equally, painfully demonstrates the visible disparity between one man’s talents and another man’s shortcomings, which in turn attests to the supreme significance in individuality. This makes it of the utmost importance not only to acquire a comprehension, but also to be readily knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects and events, past and current, and a great number of things.

Specialization is for insects. To serve only one purpose in a lifetime is an explicit crime against nature. We live in an age with limitless resources and abounding enthusiasm. Could we not devote even one tenth of these two qualities toward improving conditions previously regarded as facts of life? Thus ensuring a better future and unsaddling our children from a debt incurred by our ancestors.

We can make a reality what once was believed to be an exercise in futility. A completely selfless state would emerge, placing the highest priority on the well being of humanity. Allowing for the nature of man, what we seek is not an utopian society, but perhaps a shadow of such a dream.

Only in death can we truly join the majority, and only then are we free from the turmoil, the hate, the greed and the need for disruption that causes war and renders humankind imperfect.

Only in life are we free to attempt to change these disgraceful conditions. Only in life are we free to recognize tyranny and prejudice. Only in life are we free to forgive an act committed against oneself. Only in life are we free to rage against our oppressors. Only in life are we free to express our love. Only in life are we free.

Without freedom we are left with nothing but hopes. Without life we are left with nothing.