Federal Work-Study Program offers part-time jobs for students on campus

An opportunity for student success


Photo by Juan Cortez / Times Staff

Students can receive information about the Federal Work-Study program by visiting the Financial Aid office in the first floor of Student Center.

The Federal Work-Study program helps students earn money to pay for their college tuition and is available at San Jose City College for financial aid recipients.

Sounds interesting, right?

If you qualify for this federal program you will be able to work on campus without setting your education to the side.

What are the campus positions?

The positions that are available are mostly on campus, but you must have already submitted your current FAFSA and demonstrate financial need. Students must also be registered in at least six units to be eligible for the Work-Study Program. Once that is taken care of you can register to attend a Federal Work-Study orientation with Hendy Lam who works at the financial aid department as a financial aid specialist II.

The Federal Work-Study program grants the student an opportunity to work part-time, 20 hours a week. There are various openings for students such as working at the front help desk, the school library, the financial aid office, EOP, the journalism department and many more departments.

Students will be able to provide department support, clerical work, tutoring services, assistant note-takers for the SAS department and many more areas. The skills and experience the students gain will help build up their resume. This program is a traditional interview-to-hire procedure.

The students interested to work in a certain department must present a resume to that department’s hiring supervisor and to Lam.

Lam said he was also a work-study student during his college days.

Lam said he “learned how financial aid works” which can sometimes be difficult to understand. Lam also mentioned that through the work-study program he received “a solid foundation.” He got to experience “how an office works” while working at the financial aid office he went to college.

Luis Vargas who is a staff member at the San Jose City College Financial Aid office said this program is beneficial for students who participate in it. This program is similar to applying for a regular job, students will be interviewed for the available position. But students will learn important skills.

Vargas said that he received “valuable work experience” when he was a college student.

What skills will students learn?

Students will learn how the office functions and will become familiar with the work environment. Students are also paired with job openings according to their likes and what they want to pursue as their career choice. You will receive all these benefits, plus you will be paid.

According to the orientation the hourly pay rate is $15.45 per hour and pay day will be on the 10th of every month.

Students are recommended to apply at the beginning of the fall 2021 semester or before December 2021.

“There are more opportunities than applicants,” Lam said.

For more information visit the Financial Aid Office at the Student Center. You can also contact Hendy Lam at the financial aid department by phone 408.298.2181, ext. 3674 or via email at [email protected]