Centennial history of SJCC

Celebrating 100 years of service


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Happy 100 years of SJCC, go jaguars!

Throughout this year, San Jose City College will celebrate 100 years of education.

SJCC has supported the community since its founding in 1921.

“Generations of families have put their trust in our school, which has always delivered relevant career education programs, guaranteed college transfers and life-changing educational opportunities,” SJCC President Dr. Rowena Tomaneng said.

Back in the day, the San Jose High School District and San Jose State came to an agreement that led to the creation of San Jose City College.

Classes first started on Sept. 12, 1921. According to the San Jose City College website, the student enrollment size was 90 during the first year.

About 16,000 students enroll into the school every year, however that number might have gone down because of distance learning.

Tony Rocha, a 28-year-old chemical engineering major, who graduated from SJCC in 2014, said what stood out the most for him during his two years at SJCC was the mix between the students and professors.

“The teachers helped me succeed in the classes I was not doing well in,” Rocha said. “The students helped me take a step out of my comfort zone and made me become more social friendly.”

Many students go to SJCC to obtain their general education credits. After two years, they would be able to transfer to a state college.

One of the fun facts about SJCC is its mascot. The school mascot is a jaguar; however, it hasn’t been given a name for the past 100 years.

According to the centennial section on the website, SJCC is a symbol of hope for students.

For the first three years, SJCC was being held at San Jose High School, however San Jose State eventually took control and housed SJCC on its campus. This lasted from 1923-1953.

The San Jose unified school district took control of the college in 1923 and moved to its current location, 2100 Moorpark Ave.

In 1958, the name changed from San Jose Junior College to San Jose City College.

During the centennial celebration, there are going to be lots of special events such as virtual celebrations.