How to keep the holiday spirit during COVID

Five activities to do at home

As California remains in the purple tier, many holiday festivities such as ice skating and Winterfest will be closed. Here are five things you can do in the safety of your home that will keep that Christmas spirit up.

1. Decorate your own stocking
You can purchase your own decorative stocking kit online at Amazon, and or buy arts and crafts such as glitter, markers and designs from a local art store to make your own personal stocking.

2. Decorate gingerbread houses
Local stores such as Walmart and Target sell gingerbread house kits. This is an activity you can do, as well as a treat to eat during the holiday times.

3. Make your own hot cocoa
Follow a basic recipe online or use hot cocoa mix from the store. Add some extra spice, with marshmallows, Christmas sprinkles and a ton of whip cream. Enjoy some hot chocolate with a warm blanket and a holiday movie.

4. Make ugly Christmas sweaters
Use an old sweater you don’t care about, or buy an ugly Christmas sweater kit. Either way go crazy and glue and draw whatever you can on your sweater. The uglier the better. Make it a competition with your family, the more the merrier.

5. Create a Christmas environment
Decorate your house with lights and figurines. Put up a Christmas tree with ornaments, play some Christmas music, bake some cookies and watch movies to feel the warmth and smell of the holidays.

A few activities out of many that you can do with your friends and family. Stay safe this holiday and keep your spirits high.