AS Recap of Wednesday, February 15

Timothy Rivera

The Associated Student Council met and made decisions on many topics including the March in March, the schools probation status and many budgetary issues.

The council meets in room SC 204 at 2 p.m. every Wednesday.

In this meeting there were 14 people representing different bodies of the school, including the student body offices and representatives from the Media Club, MeCha, SANCAS, cosmetology and esthetics.

President Mike Casas brought up the topic of accreditation. The school is on probation and has to prove to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges that it can make and sustain ACCJC’s requested changes.

The vice president of AS, Maryam Rahim, displayed a spreadsheet detailing the budget, and the council began to discuss which items should be funded.

The upcoming March in March was heavily discussed. They talked about how they were going to pay for the buses, food and coffee for the event as well as the total cost, which is $2,500.

The council will be purchasing 260 shirts for the March in March at a cost of $1,000. The shirts will say “San Jose City College Student” so students can show their presence in Sacramento.

The council debated releasing funds for SJCC students to have greater access to the Martin Luther King Library. The contract would let students have access from midnight Sunday to Thursday. The item was postponed until a better deal could be reached.

The council approved spending $2,000 on sending six students and one adviser to the Latina Leadership Network Conference in Long Beach, California, from March 1-3. The attendees will have to sign a contract before going, and they must make a presentation to the school on what they learned and what were the benefits of attending.

The council decided to release funds to buy clipboards for $150. The clipboards will be used for signing up for clubs in March.

The next item the council approved was the purchase of a Spiniteir poster-printing machine. The money will come form AS savings from 2011 and the cost is $5,000.

The council approved buying a new microwave for the Tech Center Café for $200.

For Black History Month, the council will spend $350 on food and prizes for contest winners.

The council is going to spend $600 on its parliamentarian retreat on March 9.

Joe Andrade is being reimbursed $50 for extension cables. He paid for the cables that powered the Christmas lights.

For United Nations Day and Veterans Day, the council approved $30 for posters and advertisements.

Rahim talked about planning for club day. She said she would like the event to occur March 12 and would like to pair it with another event. The idea was postponed due to lack of attendance last semester and will be discussed at the next AS meeting.

By 5:20 p.m., there was no longer a majority of members required for the meeting to continue, and the meeting was adjourned.