Adobe’s FTP server offers software resources to enhance computer functionality


Forrest Canton, Times Staff

FileZilla FTP client allows allows people to download resources onto their computer that will optimize their software.

Adobe’s file transfer protocol server allows people to download resources onto their computer that will optimize the software that they are using.
Adobe’s FTP server contains similar features that other file transfer protocol servers have.
There are a set of files and folders listed along with their properties, such as name and date modified.
The folders represent the software while the files are the resources used for it.
Reading this article helps to determine where Adobe keeps its file resources for different versions of its applications.

Advantages the Adobe FTP server offers:

  • The server stores files for different operating systems, such as Windows and Android
  • The files that the server stores are offline installers
  • There are plugins that are stored within the folders that allow people to enhance the functionality of their software
  • People can download older versions of Adobe software, this helps to find software that is compatible with their computer
  • Installation update files can be downloaded from the folders in order to update any version of Adobe software
  • An FTP client such as FileZilla can be used to access the server, they are used to transfer files between the computer and the server

In order to connect to the server, needs to be entered into the host name box. The username, password and port boxes can be left blank since the server does not require that information in order for the connection to be established.

Disadvantages of this server:

  • The server does not store older versions for all Adobe software, software such as newspaper editing software. Adobe InDesign and InCopy do not have older versions,     while reading software such as Adobe Reader have them.
  • Not all Adobe software will be available at the server. This applies to software such as Premiere Pro and Elements, but the server has a lot of them.
  • The server does not allow people to filter files or folders by their properties

The web address for the server is