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Dear SJCC Times,

I am thoroughly disappointed in the fact that the SJ City Times made very little reference to Black History Month.  In Vol. 2, No.1 on 2/15/11, there were some events that were part of the Black History Month calendar of events mentioned, as an aside.

However, no real mention of February being Black History Month. No mention made of the contributions Black Americans and/or Africans have made to our society.  Nothing remotely involved with commemorating, celebrating or illustrating the achievements and accomplishments of the Black race.

To be frank, the first written alphabet (Egypt/E. Africa) and the invention of the Printing Press (W.A. Lavalette, 1878, African-American inventor) make it possible for publications like the SJ City Times to function and exist in 2011.

The Black History Month calendar link was on the school’s website. Additionally, I forwarded specific Black History Month event info to members of the SJ City Times staff.

I look forward to reading the Times when it publishes. However, I am offended as both a reader and as an African American that you’d opt not to devote any ink to Black History Month.

With disappointment,
Khalid White, African American Studies Instructor