‘The Mechanic’ will attack in style

Tucky Howard

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You are looking forward to afternoon swimming after a hard day’s work. Make sure not to pick up any watches at the bottom of the pool or it might be the last thing you ever see. Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) portrays the mechanic.

After being deceived about an assignment and feeling wronged, Arthur had to find out why. Arthur thought his boss Dean Sanderson (Tony Goldwin) might know something about the set up, so he set his sights on him.

In the middle of the movie Steve Mckeena (Ben Foster) Harry’s son, (Donald Sutherland) takes his position as Arthur’s apprentice to learn the business of a mechanic, like his father.

Directed by Simon West and David Leitch, “The Mechanic” grossed more than $11 mil.

With more action, drama, imagination and sex appeal 2011’ then the 1972 version could surpass the 1972’ original “Mechanic.”

The 2011 “The Mechanic” is a remake of the 1972 movie with Charles Bronson. The 2011 “The Mechanic” represented the original movie very well but could had more imaginative. special effects and stunts. For this remake, there should have been more action and drama. Bronson character was believable.

After Steve was assigned his first job in eliminating his target, a , another mechanic, Arthur gave him instructions on how and why to kill him but Steve gets his own idea and wants to experience the adrenalin of actually killing someone, but things go very wrong.

Imagine eliminating a 6’5 hefty, religious man in his own hotel room with guards on the other side of the door and not getting caught. This was Steve’s second elimination he was assigned. He had to get between walls, use spyware to see if he is alone then, pow! But things go upside down.

When Arthur takes this beautiful, sultry woman home Sarah (Mini Anden), for a night of passion, he is detached from her. This keeps him safe from betrayal and secure him from finding out his true identity.

Like when Sarah asks his name, he gives his real name, but she doesn’t believe it.

I know you can’t change much in remake’s, but if the 2011 had more scenes and action this movie would have been more expressive.