Photography exhibit opens

[media-credit id=5 align=”alignnone” width=”400″]Photography exhibit opens[/media-credit]
Andy Nguyen shows off his favorite piece at the gallery’s reception on Feb. 23.
On Tuesdays Feb. 22, a young student named Andy Nguyen opened his second photography showing in the new Fine Arts center. Some wouldn’t think of snapping a photograph could do much to save a person’s life, much more then a child’s. With in Andy’s photography, he does. With his experamentation with long exposure, he is hoping to open peoples eyes to the events happening to young children in Cambodia. He received around 300 dollars from the Associated Students to put on a non-profit show for San José City College students.

The Experiment in Time collection shows a black and white view of landmarks around the Bay Area, including Our Lady Peace in Santa Clara, the Golden Gate Bridge,  and photographs of things that he said are beautiful to him, like ‘Mothers day’s  sunflowers in sepia tones.

“I love sepia,” Nguyen said, “even though everyone hates me when I use it because it stinks.

Each picture was taken with time and care, most taking up 40 minutes at a time.

His favorite is called ‘Moonlit,’ he said.

Nguyen said if you want a good shot of the stars of lights, it is a long wait, “but with the shorter exposure, I got the lights of the ship to blur through the span of the whole frame.”

It really shows the dedication he has to his work and the charity; standing at the mouth of the San Francisco bay just to get that one shot and sold to help.

His works range from 100 to 400 dollars; however, all proceeds from his show go to The Franciscan Charity which provides food, clothes and healthcare to the poor with a special focus on orphaned and disabled.
“I want to use my talents and photos to support and help the needy, disabled and orphaned,” Nguyen said.

“I live in America now,” he said. “I don’t have a lot, but I have all I need.”

Andy had pointed out one thing, that even these photo’s were being sold to help children in Cambodia, his main thought or goal; is to help all children. When the gallery grows, so will his charity.