Theater is live and kicking

Nathan Collins

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Four construction workers on the same job site, with the same task of building are given different opportunities as the days go by. While the workers deal with those issues on the job site, a rift between coworkers and friends begins and is brought to life from words on stage by this theatre class.

“Theatre is just like music, you can’t feel the emotion on a CD, but live, you feel it.” Theatre Arts Professor Donna Mendoza said.

Mendoza is producing the play “Distant Fire’s,” written by Kevin Heelan, this semester at the San Jose City College theatre.

With a small cast of five, a large story is unfolds too a large audience. A story that would apply with today’s headaches and reality.

“I just got bit, you know, just to be on stage, hearing people laugh. Just to entertain everybody, is just fun,” the lead of ‘Foos’ is Film/Television major Larry Belfield, said.

“One of the reason why I picked this play: its about work, the issue of what almost every one that has had a job comes across,” Mendoza said. “To please the boss, to follow the rules, trying to break the glass ceiling to move up.”

Social science major Cedric Bynum said the story can reach many here at SJCC, “Anyone can sit down and see what’s happening, the story is universal. Anybody that sits down and watches this production, can see themselves- It’s based on emotion.” Bynum said.

Most would not think of going to the theatre for entertainment now days, most may have not even seen a play.

“It’s a new perspective, you have to get into someone else shoes.” Communications major Adam Belardes said. “I dare people to put themselves in someone else‘s shoes.”

A movie is detailed beyond reality, from the back ground sounds, to the colors and direction of light chosen for that scene. Sometimes masking over the story it’s self. “There’s an energy that you don’t get while watching a movie.” Tammy Abretu-butron Psychology major said. “So if they come out and feel it, its so different and it’s amazing.”