Little conventions make mistakes too


Magnolia Lonero, Times Staff

Pac Anthropomorphics Weekend is typically celebrated on the first weekend of November at the DoubleTree hotel in San Jose CA. This year the hosts of the convention made the decision to make changes to the space.

Checking into their telegram chat to hear further news as each month passed, and hearing the fact that they were going to “expand the hall” out of their hopes of the possibility that the attendees would double compared to the previous year.

In a ways made dealers happy, thinking they could get in with ease when there’s more space. But as the convention came around, it was a little bit troublesome even making a single sale. My friend and I were taking the chance to run a booth at this convention, but as we got there on day one, it was very exciting considering it was our second time running a booth at a convention. Of course we set up and talked to our fellow neighbors in the dealers hall before taking a look around the convention hall.

It seemed clear that the changes to the space were poorly idealized, as the dealers hall was expanded, leaving the fursuit lounge in a tented space out in the middle of the hall, It seemed kind of not right as usually its normal to find a tented fursuit lounge only at a picnic or outside gathering as a quick setup to store props and get changed. Which sounds sort of like a downgrade.

So all throughout the weekend us dealers had been going about our business, trying to make sales. But so far all we’ve got was each others complaints about how badly we’re selling. But at least we’ve kept each other company as attendees were going by, looking at our booths over and over and not buying anything.

A little note about places like PAWcon or any small local convention, usually there would be a ton of children. PAWcon was definitely a nice pinpoint area for a lot of minors ranging from 16 all the way to 10. And usually when there are minors, most times there are parents that want to make sure their child doesn’t spend money unless its the entry ticket or are sometimes given a 5 or 10 dollar bill which a lot of dealers usually have their stuff put anything they’re selling out of their range. And with that pretty much was also a run downer for business.

At the end of the convention, it came to be that the attendance numbers did not rise as high as the hosts expected, it just only went up a little over a hundred. Last year being 723 attendees, while 2019 they had around 864 attendees Thus leading to the realization that it may have been not a wise move to expand the dealer’s hall. Because with so many dealers in the hall along with the lack of attendees as hoped, the sales in the dealers hall was spread so thin.

Some of these dealers had hotel rooms and travel fees which they were in hopes of paying it with the money they at least earned from selling at the con, but they couldn’t barely do that, as they had to pay with the amount they already had.

So overall it was just mistake the hosts of this convention had made, thinking they could make these changes all for their expectations, but thats okay. So far we’re just hoping this was just a little test and that we hope that things would revert and consider waiting it out until maybe attendance rise over maybe 1000, somewhere there.