ASG’s Street Team and How You Can Get Involved

Morgan Guidry, Times Staff

ASG’s Marketing Committee has been making flyers and gaining traction for on-campus events throughout the year. VP of Marketing, Amanda Ross is actively searching for students hoping to be a part of this process and joining the Street Team.

Ross said, “The Street Team is a team of people who put up flyers for school events, takes them down, makes sure the bulletin boards are nice and pretty, but also goes to classrooms to spread the word that way.”

The team is a pivotal part in keeping the student body informed about upcoming ASG events, and help is always needed.

Ross says, “I want more ways for the students to get involved with school events and ASG, and this is one of the more effective ways to do that. People want to get involved wherever they can.”

While Ross heads coordination of the Street Team, she works closely with SJCC student ASG Marketing Associate Amaria Rogers.

Rogers said, “I would love to see an increase in student engagement and awareness within these programs while I am a member of ASG.”

In addition to distributing flyers and spreading the word on future events, technical help is also needed. Ross currently makes all of the flyers on Canva alone, but encourages all who might be interested to join in on designing in the future.

She said, “All of our event flyers are done now, but we’re going to have more events next semester, so if people want to help me out, that would be great.”

All of the flyers seen on campus and distributed to classrooms are advertising future ASG events meant to bring the student body together. Some events to look forward to include, Friendsgiving, ASG’s First Annual Talent Show and another Jaguar Cinema.

Rogers says that she is, “looking forward to the Friendsgiving Feast on November 21, 2019 from 3-5. Thanksgiving is a holiday normally shared amongst family, however, for this holiday we’re bringing together students in friendship and community.”

Being involved in marketing with ASG can not only bring you closer to the student body, but can pay you as well.

By getting involved with the marketing team and attending ASG meetings, students can earn money.

Ross says, “We pay you $25 a meeting just to attend and report back, and the meetings are only bi-weekly”. Meetings can be attended Wednesdays at 2:00pm in SC 2014.

Rogers said about marketing committee meetings that, “Once I attended a meeting, I realized that the board was full of amazing individuals that I saw myself sharing my ideas with and growing with this semester.”

It isn’t too late for prospective students that want to join the Street Team or get involved in activities. While there are only a few events left in the semester, the program is growing and members are always needed.

Ross said, “Join a committee! We want a full force of students out and reporting about what is going on in our school, and finding ways we can all come together.”


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