Club day unlike any other

ASG brings the Carnival


Joeanna Lopez, Times Staff

Free hot dogs and refreshments were served to everyone that stopped by the GE quad on Sept. 18.

Student Trustee Michael Maker said that he helped to grill, “at least 300,” hot dogs for Club Day 2019.

Participating clubs included:

  • Mental Health Client Association Club
  • SJCC Homeless Support Club
  • World of Journalism
  • ASG
  • KJCC Radio Broadcasting
  • Theatre Department
  • Black Student Union
  • Sociology
  • ALMASS Club
  • SJCC ESL Club
  • Soccer Club

Each club and any looking to form had the support of the Associated Student Government (game supplies, printer resources and up to $125) to put on a carnival themed booth with the intent of enticing students to join their club and further inform what their club provides.

“… I signed up and left my email so I could learn about stuff like gathering donations and just more information on how to help,” said media arts major, Nikole Vanderwege, 20, of joining the SJCC Homeless Support Club.

Homelessness in the college community is a cause Vanderwege is adamant about getting involved with.

“My grandmother was homeless for about four months when she was my age,” said Vanderwege.

Along with all the connections and information there was plenty of fun to be had at Club Day.


There was an instant photo booth, Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four and pie.

ASG President Anai Avelino encouraged passerby students to, “pie your friends!”

And friends really did. They snuck up on one another with huge grins like friends do and really pied each other with whipped cream pies. It was messy, fun, everyone laughed and revenges were avenged.

Proven by the dancing that broke out and overhead on more than a few instances was that the music provided by KJCC Radio was a hit.

KJCC Broadcasting student, DJ Matthew McIntyre was found to be responsible for the grooves, titling the selection on the spot, “Anything Goes,” with a smile on his face.

Club Day is held each semester and the purpose it serves in connecting students to their hobbies, interests, volunteerism opportunities and department resources pertaining to specific majors and courses is already looked forward to again.

To get connected to club representatives, keep current on the status of happenings within those clubs and to learn of all the upcoming events and how to get involved, visit the ASG website at or visit their Instagram @sjccasg