The Relaxer Party

Jerrald McMillon (Jerrald Sanders), Times Staff

San Jose City College is a great school because it has many different classes to offer. ‘If I Could’ve Been’’ means if you will have a one of the wish it will always come true and you got to believe in yourself never give up what you do to be part of your life from all the passion. If you always work hard, the chances are better that you will be more content with your life. Dance classes have many things to learn from, and culture is very heavily integrated. The ASG room is a student and staff favorite kind of room at the San Jose City College because you can keep on relaxing and having a lot of fun times. San Jose City College also plays beautiful music songs courtesy of the radio broadcasting program on campus. The songs can be mixed too many different kinds of genres, and they would have foods, snacks, popcorn and drinks. And then you can always do wonderful pictures too. The Relaxer party was presented by Amanda Ross. The goal was to give students and staff a relaxing campus event before the finals. Rappers Yonex and KB attended the event to perform music. Students did support Yonex and KB music at party. Media Club members, ASG members and  radio broadcasting students were present with new awards at the of Hall of Excellence ceremony. The food was free and the activities were fun to participants. Music was aired from KJCC Radio. A following after party event was set up by ASG member Renne Hom but was postponed to the beginning of the fall semester. Hom said the after party event would be canceled due to spring finals.