Staff Takes on Halloween

parties and eggs for those who care


Daniel Zaring

Daniel Zaring dresses up and shows off

Brissa Molina

I was born in Mexico, so for the longest time, Halloween was just a thing I knew about because I saw it on TV. My family is very Catholic and they think you’re giving your soul to Satan when you dress up and ask for candy.

My first real Halloween was in 2014, after moving to California. I still don’t fully understand what Halloween is about; and I’m sure most of the kids who dress up don’t either.

Every year since my first Halloween, I like to dress up and give out candy. I don’t know if I’ll be dressing up this year, but if I do, I probably won’t put much effort into it.

I fear for my house, though; it might get egged this year because we are giving out books and a lot of kids won’t be very happy.

Daniel Zaring

Halloween is as about as good as a holiday can get. When it comes to Halloween, there is something for everyone.

The traditions and spirit start when we are young with the haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns and trick or treating.

Even through my teenage years and as an adult, I still thoroughly enjoy Halloween. The costumes, the vibe, even the parties!

Halloween is the one day of the year where everyone has free reign to at least look like they are whatever they have ever wanted to be. Whether it be a giant rat, a space cadet or even the opposite gender, Halloween allows the imagination to stretch its legs.

I look forward to seeing everyone costumed up every year because it’s a welcome break from the status quo.  I am not particularly fond of holidays. Halloween is the one I legitimately enjoy.