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Amarah Enkil

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School can get stressful. That’s a fact. When it does, what can you do? Often students are stressed and stay stressed because they don’t know what to do to relax. If that has happened or is happening to you, don’t worry, be happy.

“Stress is not what happens to us, it’s our response to what happens and response is something we can choose,” said Maureen Killoran, a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

There are many legitimate ways to chill out when you are late for class, stressing over an upcoming quiz you did not study for, or feel like nothing is working in your favor.

According to Alice Fisher, a ballet instructor, herb shop owner and former yoga teacher, you must stop this stress mess! It’s unhealthy.
Always practice deep breathing, “It releases stress,” Fisher said.
Change the tunes on your iPod. Music influences a lot of what you think and feel. One of the shooters in Columbine was listening to Marilyn Manson when everything went down; maybe if he had been bumpin’ some Bob Marley, things would have turned out differently. (No offense, Marilyn Manson)

Try sitting for a while, all alone, thinking of absolutely nothing at all. This is called meditating. It calms the mind. Learn more about how it works in Ram Dass’ “A Journey to Awakening.”

Giving these de-stress methods a try will help your brain, heart and liver. They will also instantly change your mood, Fisher said. We all just began a new semester at SJCC; stress is bound to happen. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to ruin your day! Peace.

Fisher recommended yoga for all you stressed-out peeps. Yes, it can seem a bit embarrassing to bust out a funky yoga pose in front of your schoolmates, but here’s a pose that is simple, almost effortless and looks like you’re just lying down for a quick break or nap:

The Crocodile Pose
First, lay on your tummy with your feet apart. Next, put your elbows on the grass above your shoulders, keeping your chest on the ground.
Finally, lay one hand over the other while pressing your forehead against them And voila! You’re doing yoga.

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