Have you seen our mascot?

One writer's search for school spirit

Nick Johnson

John M. Lopez, Times Staff

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Yes, San Jose City College has a designated mascot and it’s not that he doesn’t have any school spirit, we just can’t hear it. Or at least we have not seen him at any sports events, or heard from him in quite some time, and no, he isn’t playing hooky either.

Our mascot is a Jaguar, but lately he’s been as secretive and elusive as the Pink Panther. Maybe we should play some Pink Panther beats at our next basketball game as an attempt to lure him back to the court.

So, what is the reason for his absence at most, if not all our sporting events?

Could it be that he just fell prey to too much catnip? Was the costume just too much for him or her to bear? Had the preparation or performance become too rigorous for him?

Or is he now suffering identity issues caused by having been adored by his peers one minute only to become anonymous and comparatively insignificant the next?

How did the magic of being the school’s mascot cause the mascot do a disappearing act for real?

In searching for answers to this dilemma, I first approached Lamel Harris, dean of the sports department.

“We only bring out the mascot on special occasions,” Harris said.

The school mascot is presently being housed in the student center and has only been used for off campus events related to academics. Apparently, our school mascot is smarter than we thought.