Self-defense classes are a hit

Daniel Ho

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[media-credit id=31 align=”alignnone” width=”400″]Self-defense classes are a hit[/media-credit]

SJCC student Rosemeire da Silva, 31, practices a a successive punching technique taught by Brett Moore, head instructor of Victory Martial Arts on Oct. 14 at SJCC.

Loud and enthusiastic grunts and “Hu-Yahhhs” were clearly heard from San Jose City College students and faculty in the SJCC Auxiliary Gym on Oct. 14, as part of one of the self-defense workshops hosted by SJCC and provided by Victory Martial Arts of San Jose.

SJCC announced to the campus community by e-mail that it would be hosting four self-defense classes in October in light of the recent assaults on campus. Two classes were taught by Victory MA and two by Academy Self Defense of San Jose.

More than 60 members of the campus community attended Victory MA’s 12:30 p.m. class on Oct. 14. Chief Instructor of Victory MA, Brett Moore, demonstrated attacks that could be used on his assistant, Program Director of Victory MA, Sarah Rose. Students laughed, winced and “oohed,” as Moore demonstrated kicks and hard slaps on Rose. Then, Moore instructed all those in attendance to practice on each other.

“Everyone, get into lines as we practice these new moves!” Moore said. Students showed excited faces as Moore and Rose brought out body cushions for those willing to take a few kicks to the chest. Lines of participants practiced chest punches and step-in kicks as Moore and Rose supervised. Then the process would begin again.

Each new time, students would run back into place to see Moore demonstrate a new attack. And each time the students would be called back into their lines to practice their newly learned attack on their peers. Students laughed and grunted and sweat all through self-defense class, enjoying their newly learned self-defense skills.

“It was definitely a great workout,” said 31-year-old SJCC student Rosemeire da Silva. “I received the e-mail (from SJCC) and wanted to make sure I attended, so I could help protect myself.” Da Silva noted that she takes night classes at SJCC and that the self-defense classes offered her peace of mind and a firmer fist for possible attackers.

Rose said that Victory MA would be offering training for 30 days at any of their locations in Willow Glen, Santa Teresa, and Almaden Valley at no cost. This would include a free one-on-one introductory lesson set up by appointment.

“We are glad the seminars had such a strong turnout, and would love to come back sometime,” said Rose in response to the immense amount of positive feedback from the participants of their Oct. 14 class. SJCC has tentatively scheduled more self-defense classes for students who did not have the chance previously.